5 Resources to Jumpstart Your Minimalism Journey

As with all things new, you should do you research to identify whether or not something is appropriate for you and supports your values.

Below are the 5 resources I found helpful in understanding Minimalism and for continued support of the process:

  1. The Minimalists Documentary – The guys behind The Minimalists each have their own reasons for embracing the lifestyle and together have dedicated their lives to its promotion. The documentary takes a peak into their journey and unearths the meaning behind minimalist and the benefits it has to offer. You also get some insights as to how minimalism manifests itself in everyday life.
  2. No Sidebar – No Sidebar is an amazing source of inspiration to help promote the minimalist lifestyle. I find this site to be extremely motivating and its followers to be very supportive of anyone new to the lifestyle.
  3. Becoming Minimalist – The collection of essays provided by Becoming Minimalist are both thought provoking and inspiring. I find most interesting, the essays that call to question the way many are currently living and the solutions to simplify those ways.
  4. Simplify Magazine – After following the two above separately and drawing information and inspiration from both, I realized recently they joined forces and provided to the minimalist community Simplify Magazine. The first issue is free for consumption so head over quickly and read what they have to share!
  5. No Sidebar Community – The No Sidebar Community is a no judgement supportive group of individuals discovering and living the minimalist lifestyle. Each day you can find members of the community engaged in dialogue supporting each other during their journey. The topics discussed are far and wide and the experience levels and duration of minimalist living vary across the spectrum If you have a question, or are looking for advice post freely in the community. Rest assured you will be warmed by the response!

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