Live Naked - What does that even mean?

Welcome to the Live Naked Blog!

If you are tired of living life on auto pilot or according to what society says you should be, do, or have. If you are looking around your current (perceived) reality and feel uninspired. If you aren't sure what you are passionate about, what you value, or what lights you up. But if you are ready for a change. Ready to peel away who you thought you once were, strip back to basics and rebuild yourself and your life on your terms. If you are ready to live life as your authentic self despite who you thought you were or who society, your family, your friends think you should be. If you are ready to just be unapologetically you. To live the life you imagine for yourself. To live life on your terms. To live your life on purpose. Ten you are ready to Live Naked.

Through this blog I hope to inspire you and to share with you the tools I have used to rebuild, and continue to build, who I am, what I value, and the life I want to live on my terms.

See I don't believe we are here to struggle and I believe that the desires we have are unique to us if we truly connect to who we are and what we value. I believe that the only thing that differentiates us from each other is our perception and that if we can start seeing life through the eyes of our future selves, the one that is living out our dreams than we can redesign our reality to fit that vision. We just have to believe it is attainable, that we deserve it and that we are worth of receiving it. It all sounds easy, but typically because of deep rooted societal beliefs, generational beliefs, experiential beliefs, our subconscious is riddled with limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs cause us to fall out of alignment with you we truly are and what we deserve in this physical life.

Are you a closet creative living as an accountant because you were told you would be wasting your brains trying to be an artist? Do you believe that all artists are starving and only a select few actually become world famous well paid artists? Do you want to travel but believe that it is too expensive for your family to travel? Are you hoping for a raise but believe your company doesn't have the funds to increase your pay? Do you want a promotion but convince yourself that you don't deserve it because colleague next store is working harder than you? Do you believe money is a limited resource? Rich people are evil? It's noble to make just enough to get by?

Maybe you don't think any of these things. Maybe you have zero limiting beliefs and you are out here winning all around! Then I hope that you are sharing how you got to that place with EVERYONE around you. Because I believe we should be here living our best lives, in alignment! Loving life! Grateful for all that we have and believing in life's abundance!

If you don't we got you! We are on a mission to get everyone to LIVE NAKED. To live as their authentic lives! To see the blessing in everyday and for your dream life and reality to be one in the same! We want everyone in the fam to thrive and that's why we've started the blog!

To share tips, stories, resources. To document our journey. To share our journey. To inspire you to embark upon your own journey! We hope you are down for the ride!

All you have to do is DECIDE to live life on purpose and to LIVE NAKED authentically, unapologetically YOU.

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